Hi, friends! Happy Amazon Deals Day to you. I compiled a list of all of the items that I have and use daily as well as a few items that I will be purchasing for the holidays.

I love to use sale days like this to help prep for the holidays, so it doesn’t feel like I’m spending a huge amount in December. Is this considered my “girl math”? Let me know 😂

This list has all of our Home Essentials (click HERE) that are on sale for the next few days (October 10-11). A lot of the items that I use daily in the kitchen and day-to-day life are linked here. My latest find has been the Mixing Bowl Set with Grater Attachment. It is a GAME CHANGER!

I also added a few Gift Ideas (click HERE) to this Amazon folder. I’ll continue to add to it as we get closer and closer to the holidays (eek!). I know I’m definitely getting THIS for the girls.

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