I am all about a fancy date night at home, in my sweatpants. As promised, here’s our Valentine’s Day menu! I am going to list out everything you need below, & save the step by step story to my Instagram highlights so you can cook alongside us. We learned this method of making both the steaks & sweet potatoes from our favorite chef, Frank Prizinsano. It’s incredible. The crust you get on this filet from the ground pepper & browned butter… LIFE CHANGING. I will tell you that having a meat thermometer for this recipe is essential!

Brown Butter Filets, with Candied Sweet Potatoes + Crab Legs

Thick cut filets
Black Peppercorns
Maldon Sea Salt
Sweet Potatoes
Grass Fed Butter
Crab Legs

For the steak:
First, crush whole peppercorns in mortar/pestle or use cracked coarse pepper. Pour the pepper onto the plate, & press steak into it,making sure all sides are covered. Season with course sea salt. Then,In a stainless steel pan, add enough grass fed butter to coat entire bottom. Turn on medium heat, & wait for the foaming to subside. Once no more foam is being made (& pan is mostly quiet), add steaks & turn heat to medium low. Flip after 5-7 min + crust looks set. Begin basting w/ butter constantly. Flip every 3-5 min until desired internal temp is reached!

For Sweet Potatoes:
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. First, fill a large bowl with water and submerge sweet potatoes.
When clean, place sweet potato into a large baking dish.
Bake until you can smell “caramel” – we learned this from Chef Frank Prizinsano. When finished baking, cut in half and slather immediately with really good grass fed butter!

For the Crab Legs:
Chris got from Costco believe it or not! He says to grab the ones from the fresh section and steam. To steam, boil water in a tall pot and insert a steamer. When boiling, place crab legs into the pot. If fresh and already cooked, they only need around 4 minutes to steam. Take out with tongs and serve with drawn butter and lemon.

Sherry Ice Cream with Biscoff Cookies + Amarena Cherries 🍒 🍨

I’m going to warn you in advance: after you have this one time, you’ll find yourself craving it at 2 pm on a Monday. It’s that good. And luckily, it’s that easy. We make this anytime we entertain, because it’s a no fuss – no bake – done in 5 minute dessert. Serve it in a fancy cocktail glass for an elevated look and baddabing baddaboom. That’s it!


Good vanilla ice cream (don’t sleep on Kirkland brand)
Extra Sweet Sherry (Lustau PX is what we use)
Biscoff cookies (or could use gingersnaps)
Chocolate chips
Amarena Cherries

Let ice cream sit on the counter for 10 minutes so that it’s soft and a little melty. Scoop into glasses and crumble cookies over the top. Sprinkle chocolate chips and Amarena cherries as well. Pour Sherry over all of that and serve! If you have a mint sprig, garnish with that but isn’t necessary. Enjoy!

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