My mom asked me if we went to any museums. The answer is technically no, but I guess you could say… we went to food museums?😂🥐 that’s how we vacation though- we center everything around the food. Paris has some of our favorite food (and moments) that we have ever had.
Here are some of the places that we ate at and LOVED. Note: we went to TONS of places, but the spots listed below were our faves. Feel free to leave questions in the comments! Au Revoir 💫

Du Pain et des Idées – the most incredible pastries and great coffee.
Echo – delish traditional breakfast spot! (Paris doesn’t really do breakfast, fyi!)

La Cuisine Paris – ok, this was the cooking class we did BUT ended up being one of the most delicious lunches.

Brasserie le Tambour – cute little bistro close to our hotel! We went here a few times and had a glass of wine with a cheese board and soupe à l’oignon.

Caractère de Cochon – the best sandwich of the trip. A classic butter, prosciutto and baguette sandy.
Frenchie to Go- didn’t make it this trip, but my last time in Paris this was a fave!

Menkicchi Ramen – omg. Some of the best ramen we have EVER HAD! Brought us back to life yesterday.

Twenty-Two Club – the most beautiful, delicious, intimate dinner with amazing food and wine pairings. Make a reservation the second you start planning your trip to Paris. When Queen Ina recommends, you don’t ask questions – you just book it!

Lou – another absolute MUST. Not only some of the best (if not the best) food of our stay, but the best food we’ve had in a long time! Get the asparagus dish & the pork belly whatever you do. Fun natural wine list and desserts as well!

Frenchie Wine Bar – I went here last time and made sure to come again. Everything is delicious- and a great vibe.

Les enfants du marché – we had about 5 or more people tell us to go here! We arrived around 8:45 and the chef so kindly let us know they were all sold out of food for the night! Morale of the story, definitely go and definitely get there early.

Le Mary Celeste – great food, great vibe and amazing over all! The chef at Les enfants recommended we go there, and we loved it!!

Ober Mama – a really popular Italian spot! We enjoyed our meal, for sure. The truffle pasta and burrata really stood out!

Folderol – amazing natural wine bar. Young & hip crowd, very casual. We loved it!

Le Fumoir – we had drinks with my friend, Jane and it was awesome! Located right across from the Louvre. Killer dirty martinis!

Hotel Costes – a beautiful, swanky hotel to have cocktails. Amazing vibe and great extra dry martinis. Who am I?

Hotel Madame Reve – our hotel also had an amazing lobby bar AND rooftop bar. Loved.

I know this goes without saying, but the magic of Paris is just going with the flow. Walk into any random cafe and chances are it’s gonna be great.

  1. Janie C says:

    Looks like a great time and your outfit choices were perfect.

  2. Lillian Knox says:

    I booked the Twenty-Two Club for myself! Can’t wait!

  3. Allie says:

    THANK YOU for sharing! My husband and I are going to London and Paris in September. What hotel recommendations do you have??

  4. Diana says:

    Cort, I loved all of your posts in Paris. The clothes, food, wine. So well done!!!! You are a natural at something I could never do. Thank you for just being you and sharing your adventure. Where are we going next???

  5. Jojo says:

    This is a tremendous help for planning our trip to Paris. Thank you for taking the time to share!!

  6. M A Sloan says:

    Been to 22 club Pâris a few times abd Love !

  7. Judy Stolman says:

    Wish I had your list. We were in Paris late in August. This trip we stayed on the left bank and loved it, I do think restaurant wise the choices are far better. I will keep your list. Thank you for sharing your favorite spots.

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