Grilled Cheese with Chili Crisp + Hot Honey 🍞🧀🔥

First of all, I can’t even count how many of you sent me this bomb looking grilled cheese that @grilledcheesesocial posted recently! So – I had to try it. And OH. MY. is it ever life changing. I swapped out a few things on her recipe only because it’s what I had on hand. Mmm. You know how I feel about chili crisp anything, so when I tell you to stop what you’re doing and make it….. stop with you’redoing and make this.

The key, as always, is using GOOD ingredients. From the butter, to the mayo, cheese to bread – it’s all gotta be good. I’m a white bread kinda gal with sandwiches, including grilled cheeses, and I’ve been loving @hero white bread for so many reasons. It’s soooo fluffy and perfect. And the fact that they’re lower in net carbs & have fewer calories vs. the traditional white bread, makes this the ultimate grilled cheese bread. 

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Your fave chili crisp or chili crunch oil
2 pieces of white bread – I used @hero
Pad of butter
Spicy Honey

Shred mozzarella, and generously spread both outer sides of bread with Mayo. Heat up your pan with a pad of butter, then lay down 1 piece of bread. Top with mozz and generous spoonfuls of chili crisp oil. Grill up like normal, and once done – open up the grilled cheese and drizzle spicy honey. 10 out of 10 – thanks @grilledcheesesocial for this bomb recipe sis.

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