NEED.I.SAY.MORE. Ya’ll these are unreal. We were all speechless to be honest, lol. I don’t really have much more to add except…go to the store and get the ingredients to make this immediately. That is all.

BOURSIN TWICE BAKED POTATOES 🥔 Hot damn these were good. Boursin continues to show us what a versatile girlie she is. For the recipe click the link in my bio to take you to my website or go directly to my blig here. #fyp #bakedpotatoes #boursin

♬ original sound – Cheese Gal


5 Russet Potatoes

2 packages Garlic & Herb Boursin

3 TBSP Salted Butter

Flaky Maldon Salt

Freshly Cracked Black Pepper

1/3 CUP half & half or heavy cream

1/3 CUP minced chives, plus more for garnish

3 strips of cooked bacon, chopped



First, scrub and clean potatoes, and preheat oven to 400 degrees. When clean, grab a baking sheet and olive oil. Drizzle and rub olive oil all over the potatoes until well coated. Then, sprinkle and pack maldon flaky salt on all sides of the potatoes. Crack black pepper over the top as well, then roast for about an hour, or until fork tender. Remove from the oven and let cool until cool enough to touch. You can go about this next part a few different ways: Either slice the potatoes completely open, or you can carve out an oval shape on the top of the potatoes – but either way, carefully scoop out the insides and put into a bowl. Make sure you leave some of the potato attached to the shell. Add in butter, half & half, and boursin then using a mixer, whip up. When mixed well, add in bacon + chives. Mix again until whipped and creamy. If the mixture is too thick, add in another splash of cream if needed to thin out the consistency. Spoon the potato mixture into the shells, and place back into the oven to roast for another 15 minutes or so. I like to broil for 1-2 more minutes to get some added color at the end, but definitely keep an eye to make sure they don’t burn. Take out of the oven, top with fresh chives and serve!

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