This cocktail is festive, it’s EASY to make and it’s pretty delicious. The rosemary still makes it feel like a holiday cocktail, and the edible glitter makes it look like one. HNY, friends. 💫


2 oz Belvedere Vodka (use the good stuff)
1/2 oz of Rosemary Simple Syrup
Sparkling wine of your choice (I like Cava for this)
Edible gold glitter
Sprigs of fresh rosemary
Cane sugar for rim


First, make your rosemary simple syrup by combining equal parts sugar & water in a small sauce pan on medium low heat.

Stir until sugar is dissolved, take off the heat, throw in a few sprigs of rosemary and let steep for 20-30 minutes. This keeps for 4-7 days in an airtight container in the fridge!

Rim a coupe or cocktail glass with a mix of sugar and edible glitter.

In a cocktail shaker full of ice, pour in simple syrup and vodka. Shake well and pour into the prepared glass.

Sprinkle glitter in, then top with sparkling wine. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and enjoy. Cheers! xx

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