Need an appetizer for Memorial Day that is no bake, no fuss, and you can put together in 5 minutes? THIS IS IT. Years ago, my best friend’s Mama (my second mom basically), Barb, made these for us before dinner and I’ve thought about them ever since. So today for the first time in probably 10-15 years (can’t remember the exact date lol) I made them! So easy and SO delicious. You have to make them!

Blue cheese of your choice (I prefer a creamy, tangy blue like Roquefort)
Balsamic Reduction
Chopped walnuts
Sliced Basil
Flaky Salt
Black pepper

Leaving the stems on the strawberries, slice in half lengthwise and set on a serving platter. Crumble blue cheese with a fork, being careful not to make the crumbles too small. Place blue cheese crumbles on each strawberry half, then drizzle with balsamic reduction. Sprinkle walnuts and basil on top, followed by flaky salt and pepper. THAT IS IT!

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