I told you, I’m extra. This is truly a form of self care though. We are headed to NYC (for something V exciting that I can’t wait to tell you about) and I wanted to relax on my flight with a little cheese + charcuterie and a dirty martini with hand stuffed olives.

Yes, you can bring all of this through TSA! And this is coming from a gal who was a Flight Attendant in another life lol.

But before I go on a few things to note: 1) yes although you can bring minis of alcohol THROUGH TSA, you are not legally allowed to consume onboard. 2) you can in fact bring food through TSA (although apparently cannot carryon butter from Paris to the US. IYKYK) 3) put your cheese, charc and accoutrements in a similar airtight container right before you leave for the airport so it stays fresh.


1. Hand stuff your olives at home
2. Put them in an airtight container with 2 ounces of the olive brine
3. When on the flight, order either mini of vodka or gin and ask for the bottle (they’ll remove the cap), glass of ice and a stir stick
4. Thread your hand stuffed olives through the stir stick
5. Put some ice into the container that has the brine and pour the vodka in
6. Close the lid and shake shake shake
7. Using the lid as a strainer, pour the martini into the glass with your olives
8. You’ve got yourself a fabulous inflight dirty martini 🤌🏼

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